The Coin Game is Coming to Steam!

I am very happy to say that I have received a released date for The Coin Game and it will be available for purchase on Friday, February 22nd at 08:00 am PST. The game will feature an 11% launch discount to all the early EA supporters! It is time to officially open the doors to Larry’s Arcade Adventure. 

This Friday you can get in early on the fun and join us in the first version of a wacky arcade adventure. Play over 20 different high tech modern arcade machines and games with a fully featured First Person View controller. The Coin Game features a complete 12 spot backpack inventory, hand tools, interactive mini maps, a rubber band gun, lots of junk food, a bunch of silly robots and a cool old golf cart to cruise the island with….. More on all those goodies later. For now your job is to enjoy the arcades and all the “islandville” activities while the robots finish construction around the island. Do you have what it takes to top the leader boards ?

This game will be available for PC