Comm Lathe Pro Simulation

Back in the 1980-90’s Radio Controlled Racing was different than it is nowadays. The Technology level was not on par with today and the cars required much more maintenance to keep them running at their peak levels. The brushed motor was the main staple in the performance of the car and needed to be “rebuilt” about every 3-5 runs. Rebuilding the electric motor would keep it running at full potenial against the other drivers doing the same thing to their motors. Thus, mini lathes were born to “true up” the running surface of the spinning armature inside the motor. Turning the armature and replacing the “brushes” would return the motor back to it’s optimal performance. This was a tedious and “attention to detail” kind of thing… But when done right, the reward would show itself on those long straightaways heading to the podium. 😉

This interactive simulation is an attempt to explore the art of maintaining and tuning an “old school” brushed electric motor. In the demo you are a newly hired “motor guy” for a professional traveling RC race team and have to preform the tedious tasks of getting the teams motors ready for the races. So make sure to read the instructions, take your time and have some fun reliving the “good old days” of pit racing.

I hope you enjoy the Pro Comm Lathe simulator as much as I did making it. It was really fun digging through all of my old stuff and remembering all the great people I got to meet and fun places I got to experience along the way. 

Have a wonderful day and remember to support your local hobby shop. 🙂



No longer available